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How to Recreate This Sexy Steampunk Outfit

This is one of many tutorials from our Fashion Guide, but it is hands down the sexiest outfit we've tried to recreate. Our previous tutorials focused on Steampunk looks we'd describe as 'costumes' or 'cosplay', but we'd consider this more of an 'outfit'. This tutorial marks the start of plenty more Steampunk clothing/fashion ensembles that can easily transition into your regular wardrobe.

womens steampunk clothing fashion lingerie

While this outfit might seem a little risque to wear outside the house, there are some modifications that can make it completely workable in a public setting. Lets start by breaking this look down to its basic elements.


It looks navy blue in the lighting of the photo, but this is actually a black sheer blouse. The high neckline's ruffled collar gives it a Victorian feel, as does the ruffles at the wrist. Wear it over a black lace bra for a sexy peekaboo look. Jawbreaker Sheer Long Sleeve Black Shirt:

womens sheer black victorian blouse for gothic and steampunk fashion


The basic black underbust corset in this photo may not seem necessary (as it's hidden by the brown leather corset harness), but without it, the sheer blouse would move around beneath the leather harness. The black corset keeps it flat against the body, so the shirt doesn't start to lift and move between the straps of the harness. This isn't a focal point of the outfit (the leather harness is the piece you're trying to show off), so just choose a simple corset that won't distract from the leather harness. Sexy Black Underbust Corset:

Womens black steampunk underbust corset bodice


The brown leather harness adds a rugged Steampunk feel to our all-black ensemble. Use the black underbust corset to prevent the sheer blouse from bunching up between the straps of the harness. Wide Strap Brown Underbust Harness:

womens steampunk accessories brown leather underbust harness

For a plus size harness, check out this Tan Leather Harness by Hips & Curves:

womens plus size leather harness corset bodice vest


Sometimes referred to as a "leg bag" or "thigh bag", this accessory adds some interest to the outfit. It also draws attention to the model's bare thigh, adding some more sex appeal to the look. The best part? You won't need to carry a purse! This bag can be worn a variety of ways, Rock Leather & Vintage Thigh Bag:

womens thigh bag leg bag utility belt bag purse steampunk

This one comes in a variety of colors. You can replace the fabric belt strap with a leather belt for a more authentic look. Le'aokuu Leather Messenger Hiking Waist Hip Bum Pack Drop Leg Bag:

Steampunk utility bag thigh bag leg bag waist strap


In the photo, the model appears to be wearing 2 thin brown leather belts. This creates a little extra visual interest in the space between where the corset harness ends and the belt of the utility thigh bag begins. It also helps camouflage the black underbust corset. You can use 2 belts, or this Skinny Solid Leather Double Wrap Belt:

womens brown leather double strap wrap belt for steampunk costume

Don't forget to tuck in your gun! With all those straps and your utility thigh bag, who needs a holster? Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection Pistol

steampunk gun prop toy accessory for costume cosplay LARP


The model doesn't appear to be wearing shorts in the photo. Depending on the event, black lace panties may be all you need. But if a little more modesty is required, here are a couple of ideas. Black Lace Ruffle Tanga Short:

womens black lace ruffle tanga short for sexy sheer steampunk outfit

For a little more coverage, try Slipshort Dance Shorts:

womens black dance shorts for sexy sheer steampunk cosplay


Nothing says sexy like a lace garter belt. Here's one with adjustable garter straps, Frisky Lace Garter Belt:

womens black lace garter belt for sexy sheer steampunk costume


Add some black sheer stockings, like these Sheer Pantyhose For Garters:

womens black sheer stockings lingerie for steampunk outfit


This sexy outfit is really all about the legs, so we continue drawing attention there with a pair of black leather over-the-knee boots. Keep them sleek and simple, like these Lustacious Women's Pointed Toe Thigh High Stiletto Boots:

womens black thigh high stiletto boots for sexy steampunk outfit


Continuing the Victorian influence, we top the look with a traditional black felt Bowler hat, also known as a Derby. Black Derby Hat:

black derby bowler hat for womens sexy sheer steampunk outfit


Finally, what is a Steampunk-inspired ensemble without the ubiquitous pair of goggles?  Sepia Cyber Goggles:

steampunk goggle accessory for womens sheer sexy steampunk outfit

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New Event: Railway to the Moon in Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

A new event has been added to the 2016 Calendar:

Mt. Washington Cog Railway Presents: Railway to the Moon (A Steampunk Event)
August 20 2016
Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Event: Happening this weekend in New Jersey--an entire town goes Steampunk!

A new event has been added to the 2016 Calendar, and it's happening this weekend!

Steampunk Boonton
April 29 - May 1 2016
Boonton, New Jersey

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Events: 7 New Steampunk Events in Germany, England and Wales!

7 new events have been added to the 2016 Calendar:

Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016
May 13-16 2016
Leipzig, Germany

Crewe Steampunk Convivial
May 27-30 2016
Crewe, England

Airship Northstar
June 24-26 2016
Northumberland, England

Steampunk Weekend Llandrindod Wells
August 5-7 2016
Powys, Wales

Phoenix Alternative Festival 2016
August 12-14 2016
Powys, Wales

Hebden Bridge Steampunk Weekend
August 20-21 2016
West Yorkshire, England

Walking In A Steampunk Wonderland
December 17 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

New Events: 2 New Events in Seattle, Washington and Madison, Wisconsin!

Two new events have been added to the 2016 Calendar:

Clara's Steampunk Tea Party
April 2 2016
Madison, Wisconsin

A Hand of Talons - A New Providence Steampunk Adventure
April 29 - May 21 2016
Seattle, Washington

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New Events: Steep-PUNK! in New Jersey and Steampunks In Space in England

Two new events have been added to the 2016 Calendar:

Steampunk 101 & Steep-PUNK! Steampunk Tea and Photo Shoot
April 9 2016
Morristown, New Jersey

Steampunks In Space
November 12-13 2016
Leicester, England

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How to Recreate This Steampunk Catwoman Cosplay

Continuing our series of tutorials recreating Steampunk costumes, we bring you another popular photo from the Fashion Inspiration section: Steampunk Catwoman.

steampunk catwoman costume womens clothing plus size fashion

Lets break this costume down.

This is a cosplay of the newer version of DC Comics' Catwoman. Instead of the Michelle Pfeiffer/Halle Berry mask, this Catwoman wears a traditional hood-style cowl and a pair of goggles (kinda steampunk already). It's the style of Catwoman costume seen most recently in Arkham City and the tv show Gotham.

When you're cosplaying a well-known character, it can be hard to make significant changes to their costume without losing their overall identity. The last thing you want to hear is, "who are you supposed to be?" In this photo, our Steampunk Catwoman has managed to add a few Victorian elements to her costume, while keeping recognizable character details, like the whip and cat ear cowl. She also managed to maintain the sexiness of the character without resorting to the traditional full-body catsuit.


This style of Catwoman cowl is not easy to find. Most costume stores sell the tight rubber Catwoman masks with fake stitching that cover the eyes and head. Sometimes you can find some options on Etsy or Ebay, but it's pretty hit or miss.  Here is one option, although it requires 3-5 weeks process time: DC Comics Cosplay Prop - Catwoman Hat:

Steampunk Catwoman cowl mask hat

This version doesn't actually cover the head, but it still gives the appearance of Catwoman's cowl. It's a headband, so you could always try placing it over/under a black hood to give a similar look. Leg Avenue Femme Fatale Mask:

for use in steampunk catwoman costume cosplay: hat mask cowl


There are so many goggle options, but these appear to be the ones Steampunk Catwoman is wearing. Aluminum Welding Goggles:

Aluminum Welding Goggles for Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk clothing


Corsets are a staple of Steampunk fashion, and a great way to keep a character sexy. The brocade fabric of Catwoman's overbust corset adds some texture and depth to the black-on-black outfit. Feminine details like the ruffle ruched trim and ribbon tie front keep it flirty. This is the same corset Catwoman is wearing in the above photo. Satin Sweetheart Overbust Corset Bustier:

Overbust corset for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, steampunk plus size clothing

If you're looking for a plus size corset in a similar style, try this Burlesque Plus Size Corset:


Adding a short bolero jacket or shrug (3/4 length to long sleeve) covers more skin to give that iconic catsuit feeling. Here's a gorgeous Gothic Lace Bolero Jacket by Banned:

Gothic bolero shrug as used in steampunk catwoman costume womens steampunk fashion

This is a great plus size option-- IGIGI Women's Plus Size Sydney Shrug:

Bolero or shrug as used in plus size steampunk catwoman costume womens plus size steampunk fashion


Add a sweet little pair of lace trim bloomers like these Lace Cotton Lolita Bloomers:

Bloomers as used in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, steampunk fashion women

For plus size bloomers, check out these Lace & Bow Bloomers:

Plus size steampunk costume for women, steampunk catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashions


Bloomers show a lot of leg, so wear some pantyhose or tights to add some coverage and maintain the 'catsuit' feel. Here are the nylons Catwoman chose, Black Vertical Stripe Pantyhose:

Striped nylon tights for use in steampunk catwoman cosplay womens steampunk fashions

And for a cute pair of plus size nylons, try these Black Fishnet Pantyhose:

Plus Size fishnet pantyhose for use in steampunk catwoman cosplay, sexy plus size steampunk costumes


If your bolero or shrug is 3/4 length, cover up the rest of your arms (again, think 'catsuit') with Black Elbow Length Lace Gloves:

Black Lace Gloves for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk clothing fashion


Finish off the look with a pair of sexy ankle booties. Choose a lace up pair to keep that Victorian influence. Military Lace Up Ankle Booties:

Steampunk Victorian Ankle Booties for use in Steampunk Catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashion


And finally, Catwoman just wouldn't be Catwoman without her bull whip:

Black leather whip for steampunk catwoman cosplay, womens steampunk fashion

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New Event: Cirque Du Soleil's Steampunk Themed KURIOS!

We are so excited to tell you about the newest event added to the 2016 Calendar!! Coming to Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C. and New York this March thru October:

Cirque du Soleil steampunk themed show kurios atlanta georgia new york washington D.C. Boston 2016 
Cirque Du Soleil Presents KURIOS: Cabinet des Curiosites
Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down.
The incredible Cirque Du Soleil's Steampunk themed show has received rave reviews during it's tour through Canada. The Toronto Star trumpeted "Kurios is Cirque du Soleil's strongest act in years."
steampunk cirque du soleil kurios show 2016 usa north america tour atlanta boston new york washington dc east coast

Excited yet? Check out the Kurios website to see more!

2016 Tour Dates:

Atlanta, Georgia
March 3 - May 8 2016

Boston, Massachusetts
May 26 - June 26 2016

Washington, D.C.
July 21 - August 21 2016

New York, New York 
September 29 - October 30 2016

Buy tickets: 

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How to Recreate This Steampunk Slave Leia Costume

Here's another popular photo from the Fashion Inspiration section. Today we'll show you how to recreate this Steampunk Slave Leia costume, or just use a few elements to inspire your own version.

Steampunk costume princess leia star wars steampunk slave leia cosplay

This Steampunk Star Wars costume was a huge hit at Wondercon and it's easy to see why. It combines a well-known character (Princess Leia) from a much loved franchise (Star Wars) with classic steampunk elements and sex appeal. No costume or character explanation is needed--anyone walking by will immediately recognize and understand this costume. If you wear it to a Con, expect a lot of attention.


The bare bones of this outfit are pretty easy to find, once you realize she's wearing a Princess Leia Slave Bikini costume from Amazon. This one is actually the official version, licensed by Lucas Films, so it's as close to the real thing as you'll be able to buy commercially:

Star Wars Princess Leia Steampunk Slave Leia costume

If you read the amazon customer reviews (which include customer photos of the costume), they aren't great, but we can correct those issues with a few DIY tricks, just as the Wondercon cosplayer has done.

Before we go any further, there is a knock-off version of this costume for the same price, the Honeystore Space Slave Costume. The reviews for this one are much better (and include customer photos that give you a better idea of what it looks like in real life):

But since we're trying to recreate the costume from the Wondercon photo, I'll stick with the licensed Leia costume.


If you scan the reviews, the issue is mainly the poorly constructed bikini top. Reviewers said the gold parts of the top were barely attached to the fabric and needed to be glued back down. This explains why the Wondercon Steampunk Leia removed the gold rubber parts from the fabric altogether and glued them onto a Teal Satin Bra:

Steampunk Slave leia costume princess leia womens fashion cosplay


There were also complaints about the quality of the chain on the choker/collar. You can easily fix that the same way our Wondercon Steampunk Leia did: buy your own chain for a few bucks. Here's a cheap 36 inch bronze chain:

Chain for steampunk slave leia collar choker leash princess leia

She attached a pocket watch (like these) to the other end and wound the excess chain around her belt to keep it visible for photos but out of her way.     


The reviews also state that the snake armband is made of droopy rubber, not metal as in the costume photo. Replace it with a Gold Snake Armband like this one:

Princess Leia Slave Bikini gold snake armband jewelry


At this point we've put together a Slave Leia costume that improves upon the licensed costume, but we still need to add the Steampunk features.

And because nothing screams "Steampunk" more than gears, goggles and corsets, our Wondercon Leia has added these elements to her costume. Small metal gears have been glued onto her bra, as well as onto the head and tail of her snake armband. These metal gears and cogs are popular jewelry making supplies, so they're easy to find. Here's a bag of 100 different sized gears and cogs for under $10:

Gears Cogs sprockets for steampunk costume fashion cosplay tutorial


Goggles are ubiquitous in the Steampunk world, so there are a ton of different styles to choose from. If you want the exact same goggles from the Steampunk Leia photo, they have great customer reviews on Amazon. Elope Machinist Goggles:

Brown and green lenses machinist welding goggles steampunk clothing


Steampunk Leia is wearing an underbust corset (sometimes known as a 'waist cincher') in this photo. This Double Steel Boned Underbust Corset looks to be the exact same one from the photo, and has great customer reviews:

Brown Steampunk Underbost Corset Bustier Bodice for Princess Leia cosplay

If you're looking to put your own twist on the Steampunk Leia cosplay, you can forego the bikini top and wear an overbust corset instead. With the sexy harem skirt and collar with chain, it would still be recognizable as a Slave Leia cosplay.  Try this sexy Overbust Corset with Metal Closures in the front and a traditional lace up back:

steampunk star wars princess leia cosplay corset bodice bustier waist cincher


Here's the headpiece from another angle:

Steampunk Princess Leia Slave Leia cosplay hairpiece headdress headpiece hair

It looks like gears made out of something thin and light-weight, like cardboard or foam-core board. Paint them gold, then wind some thin metal wire around them and glue a few gears on top. Glue the finished piece to a cheap hair comb like this one:

hair comb steampunk hair headdress headpiece slave leia


Wondercon Steampunk Leia chose a brightly colored toy gun and didn't alter it to make it look Steampunk. This would be a big upgrade to the costume, and it's actually really easy to do, so don't skip this step! There are also a ton of cheaper brands out there besides Nerf. Try searching Amazon for 'toy blaster gun'.

Here's a cheap Nerf Zombie Blaster:
Nerf toy blaster gun for steampunk how to tutorial paint DIY steampunk weapon

This Space Gun with colorful spinning and flashing lights is a little pricier, but so cool looking:

steampunk gun tutorial how to steampunk toy gun nerf paint metal craft DIY make

To Steampunk your toy gun, all you need is to sand off the logo (and any other unwanted raised plastic areas), spray with a dark base coat, and then rub on the "metal" finish using Amaco Rub 'n Buff wax. It comes in 16 different colors (everything from Antique Gold to Pewter) and works on a ton of Steampunk crafts. Here's a great tutorial with step-by-step instructions: How to Paint a Steampunk Nerf Gun with Rub n Buff Metallic Finish Wax.

how to steampunk a nerf gun toy gun sand spray paint and metallic leaf


Use some acrylic paint or Rub 'n Buff wax to add some depth to the gold rubber shield on Leia's harem skirt. Glue on a few colored gems to give a more finished look to the skirt.

For more Steampunk costume tutorials, check out our Fashion Guide.

Browse through photos of Steampunk cosplayers in our Fashion Inspiration section.